According to PTI, the Delhi police are now moving towards filing charges against the two British dudes who were detained under 'terrorism' suspicions.  The article states that the concern is that they were recording conversations between the pilot and air traffic control and this is, apparently, a violation of the Indian Telegraph Act.

What could this 1885 act possibly have to do with alleged terrorism?  I assume it's the section on intercepting messages, but to be honest, I don't know, because I was too distracted by the fact that they are using a 125 year old law that specifies whether or not you get compensation for a tree if the government runs a telegraph line that requires it be removed (you do, on order of Magistrate, decision is final).

It seems Macaulay was oh-too-successful:

Regurgitating old laws in order to find something to charge someone with?  Check.
Throwing up the mystique of the terrorist bogeyman to detain people? Check.


By: on 22 Feb 2010