Shoe, meet Other Foot

Two British nationals were detained by security agencies at a five-star hotel near the Indira Gandhi International airport here after they were believed to be indulging in “suspicious” activities, the police said on Tuesday. The detention was made on Monday after officials of the Raddison Hotel in southwest Delhi’s Mahipalpur became suspicious about the activities of Stephen Hampston (46) and Steve Martin (55), who had checked in four days ago. “We detained them because of their suspicious activities,” Delhi Police Commissioner Y.S. Dadwal told journalists. Police sources said the duo, suspected to be tracking the movement of flights arriving and departing from the airport, was allegedly in possession of powerful binoculars and other sophisticated equipment.

The Britons were said to be carrying a sophisticated gadget which could be attached to an antennae and used to monitor air traffic and capture the details of any aircraft, including military ones.

Maybe they're scheming, violent actors, maybe they're airline enthusiasts as they claim.  Will await more evidence.

In the meantime, can we lay to rest once and for all the arguments for profiling people rather than looking at behaviour?  Perhaps worry about being killed by sekrit terrorists of any stripe than anyone else ;)

By: on 16 Feb 2010