Civilian, Military factions of Government of Sri Lanka Fall Out

Apparently the General and the President are squabbling.  The General:

"Your excellency?s government has yet to win the peace in spite of the fact that the army under my leadership won the war," he said.

"There is no clear policy to win the hearts and minds of the Tamil people, which will surely ruin the victory attained, paving the way for yet another uprising in the future."

He said he opposed holding tens of thousands of Tamil civilians who survived the final stages of the fighting in internment camps and wanted them re-settled at the earliest opportunity -- a call repeated by the international community.

He also accused the Rajapakse administration of corruption and waste and said media freedom and personal liberties had been curtailed

"The many sacrifices the army made to end the war would not have been in vain, if we can usher in a new era of peace and prosperity to our motherland."

My favourite line from the article:

Sri Lanka has no history of a military coup except an abortive attempt in the early 1960s.


(h/t to SM)

By: on 13 Nov 2009