What Happened to South Asia in the 3rd I South Asian Film Festival?

The 3rd I film festival in San Francisco manages to be so Indo-centric that it merits comment.  This is some 2001 shit right here: by my count, even including films set in the diaspora, there is only one film on a non Indian or Indian diasporic topic (a film on Chittagong).   Given the extensive list of corporate sponsors, one would think they could afford to spend the money to find a film on some aspect of Pakistan or the Maldives ;)

I thought we had moved a little?  If you're inclined to write to encourage more diversity within South Asian efforts in the diaspora or in South Asia, you can e-mail 3rd I here.  I encourage it.

(h/t to You Know Who You Are :))


By: on 9 Nov 2009