CPI(M) Repression in Kolkata

Sanhati Statement on arrest of activists involved with the Lalgarh movement (6 October 2009):

We strongly condemn the political witch-hunt that the West Bengal government has launched, arresting activists involved in the Lalgarh movement and charging them under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), alleging their links with Maoists. We deplore the atmosphere of fear that the West Bengal government has built up in the state, talking about “lists of people” to be arrested, threatening intellectuals and students who had expressed support for the Lalgarh movement and arresting activists based on fabricated charges. The democratic fabric of West Bengal is in grave danger from these actions of the government; we appeal to everyone to protest against these actions for which the only description can be: State Terrorism.
List of arrested: Prasun Chattopadhyay, Raja Sarkhel.

Source: http://sanhati.com/front-page/1083/#54

By: on 6 Oct 2009