Affordable Healthcare Essay Contest: I Can Name It In Five

An Asian American progressive political organisation has a contest in which you can win 2 free $100 tickets to their fundraiser and $150 by providing a blogpost on "How can we fix our healthcare system so that everyone can get access to quality, affordable healthcare? Please share your thoughts and personal stories on why we need healthcare reform now (500 words or less)."

Here's my entry:

1. Make provision of 'equal access to high quality health care for all persons in the world a legal, social, and moral obligation for all public and private entities in the world.

2. Set up a global universal health care program with multiple components whose users, workers, and policymakers have equal voices in shaping it over time through democratic processes.

3.  Provide this new program with sufficient funds to carry out its mission and require that it develop a strategic plan to eliminate all illnesses for which cures already exist within 10 years.

4.  Invest in further research on health, promote preventive health care practices, and engage in public health education campaigns, all of which are democratically accountable, pursuing other goals such as environmentally sustainable development, cost control, and the elimination of border controls where necessary, again through democratic processes.

5.  Scratch head, considering "Why hasn't this happened already? The economic resources are available."; Note connection to the answer to "Why will nothing like suggestions 1 through 4 be selected as the winner of $100 tickets to an Asian American progressive organisation's fundraiser?"  Repeat if necessary.

Was that 500 words? :P

By: on 22 Sep 2009


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Update: My entry has now been

Update: My entry has now been posted on the AAA-Fund website.  See here.  However, a controversy has arisen!  The editor-in-chief of the website has objected to the use of a pseudonym. I have explained that I use one to protect myself or others because I or others write or comment on issues like chilhood abuse and Sri Lanka that we choose remain anonymous on to protect ourselves or others.

Will report back results if neccessary.

This is a splendid essay! But

This is a splendid essay!

But what was the final outcome of the competition?

dunno.  presumably someone

dunno.  presumably someone won 2 tickets to the fundraiser and their blog got (slightly?) more traffic than it would have otherwise and some more people know the group exists now.

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