Classical Indian Music and the real "slumdog" kids in Bangalore, India

By Dr. Craig Berg


"During my four years living in Bangalore (I am from the USA) I discovered the tremendous love the local poor children had for music-- including classical Indian music, once they had the opportunity to listen to it on headphones. I would be surrounded by the kids all clamoring to listen to my headphones whenever I entered the street. So, I eventually hired a lady to make the music more available to the kids. As a result, many hundreds of poverty-level children got to listen to great music from their cultural heritage. I no longer live in India, but would encourage anyone desirous of spreading the joy of great music to children who would otherwise not have an opportunity to hear it, to do what they can to make the music available through headphones. It can be done for very, very little money."

One can purchase mp3 players for kids that keep the volume at a safe level.  Just thinking of their hearing as well!

By: on 19 Sep 2009