This Week In Violent Racism (England Edition)

Riots in Birmingham between the English Defence League and people who don't like English fascism (h/t to Pickled Politics):

Also, in a separate incident, a 67 year old West Bengali Muslim, Mr. Haque, weas beaten to death in front of his granddaughter by a group of school-age teenagers (except those who were under 13) after Ramzan prayers.  They had allegedly previously beaten up two other Asian people for no reason.  Amazing, really, that a person who came from two very violent places (Calcutta in the late 1960s and Northern Ireland) ended up dying of racist violence in Tooting in 2009.  And £$2ed up.

Some dark observations:

1. I may hire a bodyguard.  Anyone looking for a job?  Oh wait - everyone is.
2. Thank God the Government is going to pass an Equality Bill, and one that includes social class as a category on which discrimination can be claimed.  It almost makes up for the total failure to address class issues by New Labour over 12 years and the subsequent racially divisive exploitation of that fact by writers in papers like...The Daily Mail.  Not that there's anything wrong with that ;)
3. What the f"£k is an English Defence League?  Was the British National Party too broadminded for them? If we let them have a football team, would they go away? Because I would make that concession.  But only that one.
4. Everyone claims the victim.  PTI calls Mr. Haque, the deceased, an 'Indian' in the headlines and 'an elderly man of Indian origin' in the body.  Other places I've seen 'Devout Muslim.'  Daily Mail called him a 'Muslim Pensioner' in the Sepia Mutiny post.  I've called him a 'West Bengali Muslim.'
5. Naturally, these incidents have brought out the best in everyone on the Internet.  For an example of truly amazing dialogue on race relations, see the commentary at "Godlike Productions" on the assault of Mr. Haque that led to his death.  It includes such gems as: "The backlash against muslims is finaly happening. It was just a matter of time. this should be fun, I`ve been predicting this for a few years now, they pushed too far, enjoy the world wide backlash, I will."  You can escape New York, Delhi, or London, but you can't escape stupidity...on the Internet.  At least without turning it off.  Now off to Craig's List Rants and Raves to put this all in context...

If the race violence doesn't kill me, I think my acute cynicism might.  Glad the heatlh care, at least, is free, so I can get that checked out.

By: on 7 Sep 2009