Stupid Things To Do: 1) Ban LGBT group from parade you're organising; 2) Leave your mobile numbers on the web

As Sepia Mutiny reported, FIA, the Federation of Indian Associations, has banned the local LGBT group (SALGA) from marching in the New York India Day parade.  I'm not a huge fan of national parades, to understate it, but I am even less of a fan of a bunch of self-serving people claming to represent an entire community and then acting in a discriminatory manner against people who have less power than them in the community.  It's abhorrent, regressive (literally...this battle had been won already), and shouldn't stand.  SALGA will be holding a demonstration as well as marching with SAKHI in the Parade, and you can see the relevant information in a comment I left on the SM thread.

Thanikfully, the FIA is dumb and have left the mobile numbers of their Executive Committee up on the web..  I strongly encournage you to call them and tell them  that it is not acceptable for Indian American groups and the organisers of the India Day Parade to discriminate against anyone, including South Asian LGBT people.  Note that I am not affiliated with SALGA these days and just suggesting this on a personal level.  However, I am pissed.  No one has the right to organise in  my city and speak on behalf of my community and then f"£k people over; I don't care how important you think you are.  If you want to see sample talking points, you can, again, see the message in the SM comments I left that's from SALGA folks.

FIA Executive Commitee

Dipak Patel

Executive Vice President
Nirav Mehta
Vice President
Jaswant Mody

Haresh Hemrajani

Joint Secretary
Deven Patel

Ahmed Shakir

Immediate Past President
Yashpal Soi

By: on 15 Aug 2009


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 What a bunch of morans are

 What a bunch of morans are these FIA organizers.  They cannot go around and say they represent South Asian communities while discriminating against their own kind.  When do they realize that South Asian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender folks are thier own flesh and blood.  Shame on them..   I heard that this has been going on for many years and its been a constant struggle for SALGA to be part of the parade.  They cannot deny a voice of a minority group.



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