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I'm guessing the New York Post didn't run headlines like "TOSS BOGUS ELECTION" circa Bush v. Gore.

By: on 15 Jun 2009


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the people in charge did a

the people in charge did a better job of stealing that one.  latest from juan cole:

inapt comparison.  Mousavi is

inapt comparison.  Mousavi is a reputedly reformed fundamentalist (my guess is merely mellowed by age) who, in the 80s, was implicated in the death and disappearances of thousands.  In 2001, Bush could be tied to, at the most, the deaths of those on TX death row.


inapt critique - the point

inapt critique - the point was not about the relative death-causing impulses of the candidates (which should in any case go Bush:Gore::Ahmedinejad:Moussavi, not a comparision of Bush and Moussavi).  It was  about the different response to the election thefts - if you view them both as such.  I think a better argument against the comparison would be that the Bush Gore election was actually closer by preexisting processes, rather than covered up in a fairly unsophisticated after-the-fact, and the theft itself is more akin to the Kennedy-Nixon election than the Iranian election which potentially involves a difference of like 30 points for several candidates, though no one knows, by definition.

However, I am not interested in better arguments, because I think the fundamental fact that the Bush Gore election was stolen is something I am only now coming to accept and that it would be good for everyone to accept.  A Supreme Court decision that itself says it is not to ever be used as a precedent and which relies on the prospect of future uncertainty when there are clear constitutional measures in place to deal with those uncertainties and doesn't order any actual recounting of disputed votes...well- that's among the most suspect things I can think of to decide a  close election.  Would Gore have won with a different decision?  It's impossible to know because even if he won in Florida the debate might have been escalated to other states and we don't know how the votes would eventually have been counted.  But one can always wish, in the interests of restoring some faith in the conservative American political process...

that was an inapt critique. 

that was an inapt critique.  but comparing an 'election' in Iran to that conducted in the  2001 US is stupefyingly dumb.  The fact is that every jumped up progressive/indie site and person at that time was screaming bloody murder about a stolen election and none of them was disappeared or detained (as happens in a country where elections are not elections or anything comparable to the 2001 american presidential election)  They do not even have the recourse to a supreme court in Iran.



I think it's fair to point

I think it's fair to point out, as you did, that the two situations are different, though I would want to think about it a little harder than to simply write up those differences to one state having disappearances or a Supreme Court and the other not and the value implications that holds. 

I forget who it was, but someone very aptly asked 'What would the U.S. government do if tens of thosuands of people were illegally marching in the streets, calling an election fraudulent?"  It's different from blogging because it's actively resisting.  I honestly don't know the answer, but I wouldn't want to be there, sort of like at Kent State.

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