Message of Thanks From Binayak And Ilina Sen

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Dear  friends,


This letter is long overdue. It took us a while to navigate through the first few days of reunion with family and friends, and cope with the media which stalked us at every  step.


Our heartfelt  thanks  to all those who associated themselves with the nationwide  and international  campaign for the release of Dr Binayak Sen. The outcome of  the campaign has vindicated  our stand  and is a glowing affirmation to  the voice of the  people.


We  thank especially all who took part in the  demonstrations and satyagraha in Raipur and other cities, and the distinguished legal voices that  upheld our cause at different times. We also thank the many friends who offered us their warmth and friendship in bleak times.


We  remember also at this time  the many others who continue to be incarcerated  under similar charges, the many   prisoners who are victims of a legal system that  makes nonsense of their lives, and the   thousands upon thousands  of our  compatriots who  remain displaced, terrorized, and hungry.


Binayak and Ilina

By: on 14 Jun 2009