Action for a Progressive Pakistan Apologises On Behalf of Pakistan to Bangladeshis For 1971

Published apology in the Daily Star.  Those of us who have national allegiances could take notes on this:

We reject the Pakistani state and army's claim that these atrocities were committed in our name.

Today, as we stand at the brink of yet another army action aimed at our own people, at the brink of another human catastrophe brought about by and for the same interests and institutions, namely the Pakistani military, we remember 1971. We demand that our state acknowledge and apologise for the actions of its army, punish those responsible for the atrocities (and named in the HR Commission's report)Publi and pay reparations for the extensive infra-structural damage and looting to Bangladesh. Only through such expiation can we -- as a people and a state -- heal the wounds of the past and hope to build a new partnership with the people of Bangladesh.

By: on 25 May 2009