The Left and Electoral Politics in India

Here's a choice extract from Enabling Congress to rule the country, CPI(M) goes into “ostrich mode”:

"After their devastating electoral losses in West Bengal and Kerala, it seems that the CPI(M) leaders have gone into the “ostrich mode”. Not only do they not want to analyze the causes of the collapse, it appears that they are even unable to do it. Most of the Bengal leaders are busy blaming their central leadership for the mess, while the official reason being forwarded by the party for its debacle is a purported countrywide wave for a continuity of Congress rule that will bring about a stable government. They do not have the minimum honesty, or possibly the analytical ability, to understand and accept that people have rejected their pro-capital and anti-people policies. It is quite clear that people across Bengal have expressed their vehement opposition to the state government’s recent land-grabbing policy in the name of industrialisation and its tyrannical rule during the last three decades."

 N.B. that the title of this tidbit has been changed.

By: on 22 May 2009