What is the difference between a civilian and terrorist in the subcontinent?

Now we know the civilian death toll in Sri lanka since Jan 2009 of over 7000 dead is bigger than wars this year in Iraq, Pakistan, Gaza and Afghanistan combined.  Will Pakistan outperform this feat?

According to Sri Lanka's Human Rights minister Mahinda Samarasinghe in a live press statement

"Just because a person wears a Sarong, or a person is wearing a Sari, and has injuries, you cannot put the label that this person is a civilian.  It has to be substantiated.  So this is the injustice which is happening, unfortunately in the international media scene, to Sri lanka when you rely on unverifiable sources...."

And north of the subcontinent,

"Pakistani military offensive against Taliban fighters near the Afghan border has killed more than 1,000 suspected insurgents and "will continue till the last Taliban are flushed out," a top official said Sunday."

No media are allowed in both war zones.

Basically in these types of operations you need to produce verifiable evidence that you are a civillian if you don't want to get shot or to put it another way.... you are guilty and dead until you are proven innocent.

By: on 17 May 2009