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Human Rights of Women and Children under the Islamic Law of Personal Status and Its Application in Saudi Arabia

Zainah Almihdar

From Perversion to Pathology: Discourses and Practices of Gender Policing in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Raha Bahreini

Use of Force in the Sudan: Between Islamic Law and International Law

Sean Hilhorst

Reconsidering Gender Inequality and Honour Suicide within the Frame of Different Liberal Theories: Turkey-Batman Case

Hatice Karacay Cakmak and Nezahat Altuntas

From the Field

Implementing International Human Rights Law in Post Conflict Settings - Backlash without Buy-In: Lessons from Afghanistan

Leanne M. Smith

Book Reviews

Review of Sharia Implementation in Northern Nigeria 1999-2006: A Sourcebook

Mashood A. Baderin

Call for Papers

Muslim World Journal of Human Rights welcomes your manuscript submissions on various aspects of the question of human rights as it relates to the Muslim World. Edited by a board of leading Islamic studies, Middle Eastern studies and human rights scholars from around the world, MWJHR serves as a forum in which barriers are bridged (or at least, addressed), and human rights are finally discussed with an eye on the Muslim world, in an open and creative manner. For instructions on submitting your next paper, please visit the journal home page and click on the link to "Submit Manuscript".

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