Rediff Quiz: "Are you straight or gay"?

I swear to gawd, that's what the title is and that's what it attempts to do for you "just for fun."  I am currently really upset about something else (more on that in a later post), so I can't process this right now, but it seemed outrageous enough that I thought it would be useful for you all to to see.  For example, if you look carefully at the URL for the page that tells you if you're "gay" or "straight" at the end, you will see that for each question, it marks you down as "g" or "s" to calculate its incredible results.

1) Is this quiz obnoxious?  Why or why not?

2) To whom is this quiz most a disservice to (rank top 3):

a) LGBT people, globally
b) people disadvantaged in India(n civil society?) because of their sexual preferences and/or gender self-understandings
c) bisexuals
d) the concept of genderqueerness and those who might embrace it or already do
e) people incapable of appreciating cultural pluralism on gender / sexuality matters
f) you and I
g) whoever wrote it
h) the sexually uptight
i) poor people and dalits

3) In whose interests is this quiz (rank top 3):

a) LGBT people in India
b) people looking for a good laugh
c) advertisers / the makers of the movie "Straight"
d)the owners/shareholders of the parent company of rediff
e) advocates of the Indian state's embrace of multinational capitalism in Indian civil society
f) idiots / advocates of heteronormativity on principle
g) religous fundamentalists
h) advocates of opennesss in Indian civil society on matters sex and sexuality
i) the British

4) Should I be (rank top three):

a) Outraged?
b) Amused?
c) Disgusted at the state of affairs of the world for producing such an abomination, but without explicitly condemning it, or the context in which it...blah di blah?
d) Secure in myself and gently mocking in a somewhat pointed way?
e) Pleased?
f) Carrying on with my bad self?

5) Who is the ad wizard who came up with this one? 
Seriously - what's your best guess for who designed this and what process they used to do so and how they thought about it?  If your head starts to hurt when you think about it, don't worry, you're not the only one.  I just stopped after about five seconds.

6) Is there any way to f$£k this up? Can we get Stephen Colbert or whoever his equivalent is in Indian civil society on this? If this can somehow result in a giant penis-shaped flyover being constructed in Delhi and named after Karan Johar, or rediff perhaps going out of business, I would take that result as a net positive. (Rank top 3)

a) Yes
b) No
c) I don't know.  I was just told I'm (straight/gay) on the basis of what colour I like when all this time I had been thinking I was a person.
d) It's not worth the effort - we all have better uses of our time.  But I'll put it on my facebook page if you start a group.
e) Sure! lol!  
f) Why don't you know who the "equivalent" of Stephen Colbert in India is, you fascist pig?  it's [INSERT NAME].
g) What is a "flyover"?

By: on 26 Mar 2009


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I think this is so funny (it

I think this is so funny (it could be offensive if one chooses to take it that way, but it's funny... like "dostana"). It told me I was straight, which shows how much (or how little) it knows :)


Oh rediff.. are we to expect

Oh rediff.. are we to expect anything from that shithole of a website except a phenomenal degree of witlessness and imbecility? PLEASE forward this to the writers at the daily show.. i'd love to see how they rip this one apart.

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