Freedom of The Press Faring Poorly In South Asia So Far This Year

Who says "South Asians" have nothing in common with each other? ;)

You may have heard about the killing of Lasantha Wickramatunga for doing his job as a journalist.  The Committee for the Protection of Journalists reports another confirmed killing in Sri Lanka for the same, one killing in Pakistan that may have had to do with journalism, and has written a letter to Prachanda on a continued pattern of attacks on journalists in Nepal.  When I was a journalist in India, I remember hearing stories about someone being hung from a tree for reporting on local mafia types in Goa and the such.  

Makes me appreciate the work of journals like Tehelka or writers like Ayesha Siddiqa (Military Inc., on Pakistan's military-economic complex) even more.

By: on 21 Feb 2009