Actual Headline: "India's first Bengali speaker to teach Bangladesh MPs"

This is what we call editorial process failure :)  Anyway, insert bad jokes here ["he must be really old!"] :)

More seriously, what exactly is Somnath Chatterjee (i.e. Speaker of the Lok Sabha) going to teach Bangladeshi MPs?  How to screw over your own party, anti-imperailists, and people opposed to nuclear proliferation in one day?

No, he will cover the following:

"I will mostly concentrate on explaining how the parliament should function properly and how lawmakers should behave inside the house," Chatterjee told in New Delhi, before leaving for Dhaka.

"I will tell them about the importance of parliamentary democracy and how it's a cornerstone of any functional democracy.

"I will also narrate my experiences to the members of the new Bangladesh Parliament," Chatterjee added.

What an obnoxious, twittish thing to say.

By: on 21 Feb 2009