The Height of Cynicism: Sri Lanka Appeals for International Emergency Aid for Massive Humanitarian Crisis

Sri Lanka Appeals for International Emergency Aid for Refugees

Sri Lanka wants international help as thousands flee war-zone

Emotional scenes at Anuradhapura hospital

More than 100,000 civilians flee Sri Lanka warzone

What to say...they disproportionately cause an enormous humanitarian catastrophe (yes, LTTE assisted) on a (politically) timed schedule, don't allow international observers, journalists, and many others to monitor it, secure an IMF loan, and are now asking for humanitarian assistance for the refugees...

This is not an issue of 'Tamils' or the 'Sinhalese', but of basic human depravity.  And where is the IMF on all this?  Where are conditionalities now?  I am opposed to imperialism, even humanitarian imperialism, on a deep level, but I find it appalling that AGAIN in the one instance in which some pressure could have made an immediate short term difference in the lives of over 100,000 people, all we got were mild statements and massive amounts of money to the primary force causing the emergency.

What to say...