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Dam it's Gonna Blow! HipHopistan at University of Chicago

By: on 18 Mar 2008


HipHopistan, the "Land of Hip Hop", features performances, discussions and workshops with artists Abstract/Vision, MC Kabir, Chee Malabar, Yogi B & Natchatra and DJ Rekha over three days (April 17-19, 2008) in Chicago, Illinois. This event hopes to explore the linguistic and pan-ethnic expressions of various South Asian and South Asian-American Hip Hop artists.

Featured artists:

Tidbit: Caption Game! (Inter-faith edition)

By: on 18 Mar 2008

Come up with the best caption you can, and be nice about it:

krishna-christ smaller


I found this picture here (larger version). No idea what the context was, as I couldn't find the page on the site which included it.

Please Be Patient - We're Waiting for the Cameras Before We Attack You

By: on 11 Mar 2008

I was looking to put together a little something on last month's ABVP attack on the history department at Delhi University, but it turns out that Raghu already did in an actual act of journalism! If you'd like to see the video, it's here.

An excerpt or two:

Depending on whose account you believe, one of two things happened in the office.

Tidbit: Presidential Perspective

By: on 26 Feb 2008

LTTE, Government, Respond to PETA

By: on 22 Feb 2008

Holding a rare press conference to respond to a request from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to leave animals out of the conflict in Sri Lanka, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) supremo V. Prabhakaran stated, "The LTTE sincerely apologizes to the seven zoo visitors who were injured during the grenade attack.

A Visit to the Royal Ontario Museum

By: on 20 Feb 2008

blue mystery 1

This past weekend I visited kettikili in Toronto, which coincided nicely with the opening of the Sir Christopher Ondaatje South Asian Gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Tidbit: Independence

By: on 14 Feb 2008

mr 020408 01
President Mahinda Rajapaksa delivers Sri Lanka's 60th Independence Day speech from behind a bouquet of bulletproof flowers

Government of India: Yes Yes, Political Solution Wonly, But While We Wait...

By: on 14 Feb 2008

Last Thursday:

Indian Defence Minister A.K. Antony was Thursday urged by a group of Indian Tamils to end military support to Sri Lanka, saying it was worsening the situation in the island.

Periyar Dravida Kazhagam leader Kolathur Mani said that Antony heard carefully what his delegation had to say but he made no commitment, the Tamil Nadu political leader said.

Follow Up: Attack Pandi Out on Bail After Re-Establishing Reputation

By: on 14 Feb 2008

Those of you curious about the fate of Attack Pandi, antagonist in a previous post, need look no further.

Several months after his arrest, Attack Pandi and his gang assaulted Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam propaganda secretary Nanjil Sampath for having sullied the name of Fearless Leader.

The 11th Commandment

By: on 13 Jan 2008

Thou shalt not use "A Passage to India" as a title for any piece devoid of irony. Ever.

The brightest, most blinding gems from the article:

Mr. Ray, who emigrated from the Bengal state of Orissa in 1989 and lives in Peter Cooper Village, is not a restaurant critic.

Where's that, exactly?

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