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The Land With No Privacy, Part I

By: on 25 Apr 2007

There are at least two other people whom I don't know very well who have access to various parts of the inside of my home. One is the cook, who has no keys as of now, but will to the kitchen once she starts on Friday.

One is the maid, who has all three keys and get in or out of anywhere except the almirahs when the locks work, which they don't. What will I do if she decides to steal my computer or my fridge? Probably nothing.

That doesn't include the outdoor portion of my home, the terrace. Anyone and everyone can get there. The door to the terrace from inside doesn't lock.

I Ain't No Dilliwallah

By: on 9 Apr 2007

Delhi burns.

It burns with the contempt of an unforgiving sun who drives the temperature up to 50 in his most malicious state.
It burns with rape culture and a "you're in it for yourself" attitude.
It burns with the fear of rich people, and poor people who don't have enough resentment bubbling like tar or heat blisters.
It burns your eyes like smog and it burns your throats like a city full of smokers (legal and illegal) will inevitably do.
It burns with prejudice against Punjabis.
It burns with prejudice against Biharis.
It burns with prejudice against Pakistanis.
It burns with prej

Touche, Motherbleeper!

By: on 8 Apr 2007

I met an MBA student (University of X) today who was quite young (I hope) and was a really really horrible defender of "American" (my scare quotes) values of "changing the world" (my scare quotes) by bringing corporate spaces into Indian villages. In particular, she defended the value of bringing darkness (by which I mean "e-kiosks" (her colleague's language)), sponsored by Hindustan Lever, into stores where people could get "educated" about why they should brush their teeth.

Begin The Inquisition! I'll Bring The Handcuffs!

By: on 1 Apr 2007

I once supported the mass invasion of Iraq under Bush.

Europeans Are Responsible For The Holocaust

By: on 1 Apr 2007

I was just reading that the Iraqi government is sponsoring a money-for-land program to de-arabize the northern city of Kirkuk, which had been arabized under Saddam Hussein. This reminded me of Israel/Palestine, Yugoslavia, and other areas in which the model of the nation-state and its historiography demand displacement, correction, disagreement, competing narratives, gendered violence, and other things.

I don't really have anything else to say about this except that it sucks.

Some Things I Heard This Week

By: on 30 Mar 2007

For your enjoyment:

Chink (not directed at me)
God Hates Fags and he hates you too (directed at me)
If you make a move on her, I will kill you, because I love her (said in an Austrian accent to me).

Isn't life grand?

Why I Am So Smart

By: on 24 Mar 2007

It's not because I'm Nietzsche.

However, I'm probably as crazy and sexually repressed as he is. God knows sleeping with White women doesn't cut it.

I have to apologize in advance for a little bombast, but beneath the cloak of anonymity, I'm emboldened to say all the things I would have liked to say yesterday, last week, a year ago.

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