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My Meeting With a Former ULFA

By: on 22 Mar 2009

Imagine my absolute happiness when a former wannabe ULFA and actual AASU Agitator who got packed off to study architecture in Chandigarh (and so didn’t join ULFA), was more than happy to introduce me to his friend, S.

The Redundancy of the Sri Ram Sene

By: on 22 Mar 2009


The right-wing group (Sri Ram Sene) also urged police to ban Valentine's day celebrations across Karnataka. "Celebrating Valentine's Day is a vulgar culture. We will not allow it. We will attack places where it is celebrated," Sene's state secretary Krishna Gandalekar told reporters here.

The Re-telling of a Conflict

By: on 22 Mar 2009

It is now winter and the mist of the morning cloaks cop and robber alike. There is a distance between man and mortality at this point. There is nothing left of the previous night, but between the daylight and the dying light of the moon, there exists the dark and the people who dwell in it; cop and robber alike. Perhaps I should be more specific. Cop and insurgent. Robbers are welcome here. They are the lesser criminals. The self-interested idiots who think only of small gain, not concerning themselves with matters of state and government, regime change and gun-running.

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