Send Your Shoes to The Village Asshole/Idiot! (Updated)

Update: A couple of petitions (1,2) to free Zaidi, the shoe-thrower.  If anyone has any other steps that might be  more efficacious, please do let us know in the comments.  Back  to your regularly scheduled progamming:


We have endured the worst 8 years of my life, politically and as a result in some ways personally.  We have had our tax money used to kill people and destroy societies, we have seen massive giveaways to the people who needed it least and massive neglect of the people who needed it most (most spectacularly the residents of New Orleans, but many others,  including tsunami victims in the initial days and people suffering under debt), we have seen warmongering and fearmongering and xenophobia and racism and religious fundamentalism and scapegoating and profound, profound, incompetence.

The worst of the implementation of utter utter heinousness and moronicism is almost over, but the effects will be with us for a long, long, long, LONG time.  So to thank these fuckers for the mess they left us, send them a mess, a message that you noticed.  If you have leftover shoes that you don't need, if you are a laid-off factory worker or banker or a person who lives in a city or a country where you can't use the roads anymore, please consider mailing your old and unnecessary footwear to:

George W. Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,  NW
Washington, DC 20500

Call it the Shoe Movement.

To preemptively respond to some criticism with my own personal opinions: YES I AM TOTALLY SERIOUS; No, there isn't a better use for your old shoes - let Bush give them to the Salvation Army after you send them to him;  Also you're helping the economy by spending on shipping; If you can't spend on shipping ask someone who can - if you can spend on shipping, consider offering help to someone who can't (btw,  that's sort of like socialism - i.e. the idea of helping each other); Yes, it's perfectly fine to send your shoes to some other f@#ker like Cheney or McCain or someone else that has just been a profoundly f@#ked up person that has done profoundly f@#ked up things; No, you shouldn't buy new shoes to send - that's stupid and a waste of your money - think about who the money goes to if you buy new shoes to do this; Yes, you should try to get them there well before the 20th of January; I'm not sure what the legality of mailing them to his new address is, which is why I wouldn't suggest it; if you don't have shoes, consider taking something else from your own personal Shitpile and sending that instead.

I am going to send my old shoes this week, I think, if I can get some money amidst my usury-laden credit card bills and the bullshit i have to endure to find a job.   I'll try to post a picture of the crappy shoes I have to send - please do do the same and maybe a story about why you thought it was appropriate to do so.  I will also try to update with some ways we can help stop the mistreatment of Al Zaidi,  the guy who started this, who is currently in jail presumably being tortured or otherwise being f@#ked over for doing what we all should have done a long time ago - trying to kicked this guy from Texas/New Hampshire out on his ass.

And if you have warehouse space that you want to donate or a shipping company so shoes can be sent there or other ways in which you can help make this a bigger and enormous rejection of everything that the last eight years has stood for, then please do feel free to nick, take over, steal, or whatever else you want from this post - which itself is a replication of other ideas anyway.  H/T to Ex-Roomie.

Finally, to George W. Bush - thanks a lot, asshole.  Enjoy our shoes.

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This is a bad idea. There are

This is a bad idea.

There are people throughout the world who can't afford shoes.

Send your shoes to them. Not to Bush. He's leaving. It's over. Move on.

Why don't you do something that would actually help people?

actually... if everyone sends

actually... if everyone sends shoes "Care of: The Shoe Movement" and they get a big enough volume, the USPS will just redirect your donations to the Salvation Army (i.e. tell them to come pick them up).

the key is to name it "Shoe Movement" but send it to the fucker who deserves it most.

"I will also try to update

"I will also try to update with some ways we can help stop the mistreatment of Al Zaidi, the guy who started this, who is currently in jail presumably being tortured."

Just send shoes that are in

Just send shoes that are in disrepair and are unsuitable for donation

This is a bad idea. There are

This is a bad idea.

There are people throughout the world who can’t afford shoes.

Send your shoes to them. Not to Bush. He’s leaving. It’s over. Move on.

Why don’t you do something that would actually help people?

I love people who use the "this won't help people but I have no constructive suggestions for what to do that will still allow you to meet your emotional needs and or try to make a political impact" argument. Do you have an address for the unnamed people who can't afford shoes? I'll include it with my shoes when I send them to Bush.

That's a great idea! But,

That's a great idea! But, with the understanding that it should be about expressing your own feelings, I would suggest don't send anything pretty or that requires effort to make - just send some rubbish lying around - even if it's random shredded mail or whatnot that would be cheap to send. I live in Britain, but I do have crappy old shoes lying around that are past the point of donation (they were, in fact, donated to me) and I think I'm going to invest the money to send them.


I like this idea a lot. In

I like this idea a lot. In fact, I suggested it to my boyfriend long before I read this post. Living in France is the only thing keeping me from doing this, as I don't have any spare shoes at the moment, and the cost of postage is phenomenal.

Many of us have some shoes laying around that are past the point of donation, those would be the ideal choices. If you don't have ratty old shoes, you could always make a shoe-shaped post card. I better get to work on mine, in fact!

I'm going to write a message on it urging the fair treatment of Al Zaidi.

I like this idea a lot. If

I like this idea a lot. If only we can get USPS to just dump all these boxes of old cruddy shoes right on bush's little face. And we should drum up plenty more for Cheney and Rummy and Condi et all, so none of the F@*ke&$ feel left out.
And definitely keep sending them until the release of Al Zaidi.

Sent 2 pairs of my old shoes

Sent 2 pairs of my old shoes Sat. Dec 20. (One was really stinky - fresh doggy-do!) Don't worry about the post office or big brother or anything... people sending letters & packages to the President are common things at the U. S. Post office... they don't even ask you to verify your name on the return address, so you could write about anything there, they don't care. The imporant thing is that we do it, ASAP! He's only got a few weeks left! and dont' forget the Jan 19 shoe rally outside the White House on Bush's last day!!!

Its not good idea.

Its not good idea.

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