A Twist on Lagaan

In today's One Day International between England and India in Kanpur, England's sixth wicket partnership featured Owais Shah and Samit Patel. So for 9.2 overs, everyone on the field was...


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I'm eagerly awaiting the day

I'm eagerly awaiting the day when a match between Australia and New Zealand looks like that.

Michael, Why? Regards, atcher




To the blog owner, As an

To the blog owner,

As an anti-spam measure it won't help indefinitely that the anti-spam word that comes up
is always roti in different colours.

You could keep the same scheme of things and ask people to type in the name of the colour instead. And then to make sure only the really dedicated can get their comments in use colours named in the same style as car manufacturers do - cavern grey, environmental green, mint white, peta red...


That's too bad, because the

That's too bad, because the major part of Shah, Solanki and Mascarenhas' productive career has passed and only Bopara and Patel have a good chance at making multiple teams in the future (Sajid Mahmood and Kabir Ali seem only competent in the county setting). Adil Rashid broke his own back (bowling legspin!) and still can't get a look in an int'l side.

The best chance for all-brown (senseless identity-politics orgy aside) team is actually in Canada and the US (if our governing council ever gets it's act together).

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