PTR Variety Hour: Dr. A's Desi Hip Hop Contest!

It's a world revolution!!!
Okay, maybe not, but maybe it will be someday! And I will be a part of it! Here are my three entries:

1. From the UK, something political (MC Riz of Road to Guantanamo Bay). He's better live, but this is still entertaining and hardcore politics, despite that I think the style is a little too Eminem who I hate as a public persona:

2. From India, something fun and light (Full On of Channel V). I just like desi rap ("ek bar, do bar, bar bar"... how can you not love it? :)):


3. And from the U.S., DeLon offers some really legitimate and some not so legitimate criticism of M.I.A. in very simplistic conservative framing (terrorist = bad, end of story) How not to do political critique, but it's still catchy since its sampling M.I.A. sampling whoever. (some graphic imagery, h/t to cicatrix over at Sepia Mutiny)


Feel free to put your own work or give your opinions or suggest others in the comments! From my vantage point - as I read someone recently saying, can't remember where, American desis, pick it up...

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