Congratulations and most humble thanks to those of you (some of whom command my utmost respect and/or love) who worked so hard for this.

That said, the local ballot measures are looking disastrous.

PS: Oh yeah, I bawled.

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My voice is hoarse but my

My voice is hoarse but my heart it light. One of the best nights in recent memory. Here's to people with funny hard to pronounce names everywhere-- we are vindicated!!

Good night from a skinny kid

Good night from a skinny kid with a funny-sounding name who thinks America might have a place for him.

i can't wait any

i can't wait any longer.


Five thirty eight: Indiana

Five thirty eight:

Indiana II...

Donnie Fowler, who is on HDNet with me and knows Indiana like the back of his hand, thinks Obama's strong performance in Vigo County is a good sign for him.



Just looking at some of the places where we have results in so far. Obama is substantially outperforming Kerry -- which is what he needs to do to win the state, of course, but the differences are pretty substantial.

Steuben: Kerry 34%, Obama 42%
DeKalb: Kerry 31%, Obama 38%
Knox: Kerry 36%, Obama 54%
Marshall: Kerry 31%, Obama 50%

In Ohio, old people like old

In Ohio, old people like old people...and "experience." Everyone else likes Obama.

see here.

Was hoping they'd call

Was hoping they'd call Virginia in the first two minutes and the dominoes would fall after that, but obviously is not to be.

Which means it's time to start in on the boooooooooooooooooze!


no way dude - if he wins

no way dude - if he wins pennsylvania, he only needs like two-three more easy to win states and he's in! look how close georgia and indiana are - there's 0.00000000000001 chance mccain's going to win (i'll eat my sock if i'm wrong).

CBS & ABC calling PA for

CBS & ABC calling PA for Obama. CNN is still holding off.

MSNBC was the first to call PA, naturally.


Neither 538 nor RCP has

Neither 538 nor RCP has called PA, and I trust them more than the news outfits.

and Fox now! That leftwing

and Fox now! That leftwing rag! See Ny Times blog.

Then read this:

"Given that it is unlikely the Republican will be able to defend all the 2004 Bush states in a tough Republican year, he needs to flip at least one big Democratic state -- likely his only realistic option is Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes).

The Republican nominee however faces a tough fight to hang on to Virginia, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico -- all of which went to Bush in 2004.

The loss of one of those big states to Obama -- Florida or Ohio for instance, could spell doom for McCain.

The loss of Virginia, and one other smaller state from the Bush map, like Colorado for instance, could also mean an Obama presidency."

Nosotros obamos proximo!

Brit Hume, on FOX News: "Is

Brit Hume, on FOX News: "Is it the case that we're going from a center-right country to a center-left country?"

The environment there is noticeably subdued and grim.

one more minute :) does fox

one more minute :)

does fox news as a whole know that this is their death knell? :)

Ok, 538 & RCP both calling PA

Ok, 538 & RCP both calling PA for Obama.

McCain support among Black




Obamos aqui!!!!!

Obamos aqui!!!!!

na na naaaaaaaaa heeeeeeeeey

na na naaaaaaaaa heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeeeeeey heeeeeeeey gooooooooooooooodbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee.

President Obama.

That's some words we can believe in :)

Somebody screwed up North

Somebody screwed up North Dakota :)

"(1,2) wrong exit polls," says the count. ha ha ha ha ha!

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