Tidbit: Neel Kashkari - Who Is This Guy?

So you have an enormous credit crisis, and then you get $700 billion - or more - to deal with the problem.  Who do you put in charge of solving the problem?  Apparently a 35 year old former investment banker from Goldman Sachs who looks like Lex Luthor.

Gawker finds out he's an AC/DC fan who may or may not believe women are qualified to run things and may or may not believe global warming is real (unsubstantiated rumors).
Sepia Mutiny says he's desi and his dad likes him.
World Socialist Website cites the New York Times and WSJ saying that the whole thing is going to be outsourced to one company and that Goldman Sachs's competitors have raised objections to potential conflicts of interest.

Yes, this will end well.  Apparently the strategy is that if the market is f@#ked, then bring the problems into the government itself.  This makes sense because the people who run the government's bailout are basically agents of finance capital (Treasury Secretary Paulson, R-Goldman Sachs).

But then who will bail out the government?  Presumably, us.

Update: So unheard of, I spelled his name wrong.  Whoops!

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