Action Alert: Protest Against Manmohan Singh in New York, 4 p.m. today

Sorry for the late notice...technical gurglings. Here are the deets and the facebook notice:

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is New York. Protest his dramatic human rights abuses.

The last few years has seen a dramatic deterioration of civil rights in India with several fake encounters, numerous arrests on false charges, widespread harassment, the creation of private militias that rape, kill and clear out entire villages. The most recent of such cases is the "death" of two young muslim men - Atif and Sajid in Delhi's Jamia Nagar. At one end the MO is an almost predictable cycle of bomb lasts which kill many innocen people and create the conditions for the secuity agencies to rampage through the local minorty muslim community. Some observers on the ground have begun to presict a bomb blast every two or three weeks all the way to the elections unless a large scale mobilization on the ground is created. On the other hand, as the neo liberal economic onslought moves forward, specially its latest variant - SEZs - we are seeing adivasi, dalit and peasant populations being brought under fire as they resist the State-provate corporations efforts to move them off the land. All along the mining belt from Bihar to Andhra Pradesh State and private terror has increased dramatically. The contiuing onsloughts of Salwa Judum - the State sponsored Private militia in Chattisgarh is now well known. The arrest of Binayak Sen, Ajay TG and several others is a pointer to what will happen in a large scale to those who attempt to defend peoples movements. IT IS CRUCIAL WE JOIN WITH THE LEFT-MINORITY-ADIVASI-DALIT GROUPS FIGHTING THIS TREND. The situation is dire and we cannot let the Prime Minister visit without putting out a loud and clear messages.

SO: Join the Protest. Stand Up and be Counted. Create and Sustain a New Solidarity. Create a Media Storm. Issue a Loud Message to Manmohan Singh. Fight o Preserve the Political Space. DEMONSTRATE.

See You At the Protest!

Saturday, September 27, 2008
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Waldorf Astoria
Park Av & 49 St (SW corner)
New York, NY
democracydefense AT gmail

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India's Right Wing Political

India's Right Wing Political Party BJP led by L. K. Advani, and its various tentacles like RSS, HMS, Shiv Sena, MNS, Bajrang Dal, is the ultra communalist party with political agenda of Hindutva, or Hindu Rashtra (Hindu, Hindi, Hindustan). This party through its various wings have been found to be involved in various terrorists activities against minorities: Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Dalits etc. etc. Advani led the movement to demolish Babri Masjid at Ajodhaya in 1995, Narinder Modi caused anti-muslim riots in Gujarat, MNS rioted against Noth Indians in Maharashtra, Bajrang Dal rioted against Christians in Orissa and other parts of India; riots against Dalits in Rajasthan. Lately Lt. Col. Purohit of the Indian Army has been changed for supply RDX to various Hindu terrorist groups. Pragya Singh Thakore alias Sadhvi has also been changed in that case alongwith some others. BJP president Mr. Rajnath Singh gave a statement in defense of these criminals. This communal element, which now expresses openly through a BJP, historically was responsible for creation of Pakistan in 1947, which split into Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1971. With their parochail minds they fail to understand, India as the most diverse country, Linguistically, religiously, and culturally, needs a most secular approach to government for pluralistic Indian polulation. BJP's politics of conflict will eventually lead India ultimately to disintegration as it was split into over 700 independent kingdoms prior to the British rule unless the most secular Nationalistic Political forces emerge soon enough to stop it. Othewise India is set on a collision course or a suicide mission by the communal agenda of the BJP and its subsidiaries.

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