An Infomercial For Stupidity

From "Why India Will Beat China" at Business Week (currently the Most Read article!):

But even if the hare is running into obstacles of its own design, how will it give India the competitive edge? The advantage comes in the form of an entrenched and vibrant democracy that will ultimately drive India to outperform China socially and economically. Messy, frustrating, and more often than not agonizingly slow, India's democracy would seem to be chaotic at the surface. But if you look deeper you will quickly see why the tortoise will win this race. Let's take a look at two of the major advantages that India's democracy provides.

(In case you're interested, the two "major advantages" are "Property Rights" and "Rule of Law." To be fair, the piece is more detailed than this, but the basic premises will likely come as news to those people whose land is currently being appropriated by the state for Reliance or Tata or POSCO.)

But wait! There's more! As it turns out, the man who wrote this article has previously written such books as: Riding the Indian Tiger: Understanding India the World's Fastest Growing Market and the forthcoming The Next Wave: How Investors Can Ride an Era of Unprecedented Economic Growth and Innovation (yes, that's the actual title, and it doesn't star Troy McClure). For those of you history buffs, Riding the Indian Tiger features in the introduction "The History of India in Six Pages."

But wait! There's even more! He runs his own company! Not only does the website have a dead link to its own page to "learn more" "About Us", but the first line of the company description isn't a complete sentence. I urge you to go through the website, because there are many fascinating things, like the article "Don't Cry For Me, Venezuela" in a section called "Thought Leadership."

Why do I bother going through all this? Because this is who is informing "educated" sections of the American public what India's economy is like in the pages of Business Week. A guy who makes money off of peddling fairy tales.

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I’ve always known Indians to

I’ve always known Indians to take “positive thinking” to the next level.

attracts FDI ;)

Between Manjeet Kriplani who

Between Manjeet Kriplani who likes to go short on India and this person who seems to be going long, BusinessWeek is in a morass of confusion. We have been hearing this old saw about democracy and the courts for some time now. Property rights are another thing, because there aren't any in India. We all remember how the Tamizh Nadu joint families - DMK and PMK - rode to power in 2006 promising free colour TVs to the makkaL. The electorate too in droves, like sheep, believing that colour TVs are a substitute for sanitation, roads, healthcare, and order, voted in the first families. Unfortunately reality struck hard last year. When a steady diet of soaps from the purveyors of pulp; SunTV, KTV, RTV, etc., failed to quench the thirst, and fill the belly, a few contrite makkaL tried to make good their losses by selling off their idiot box, for some money or worse food. But would the first families have it? No way. Out came Chennai's Kooja/Chamcha/Flunky #1 Nanjil Kumaran Commissioner of Police, (who first thing on appointment made a trip to Gopalapuram/Oliver Road to pay his obeisance to the Kalignar) who announced that anyone caught selling their TVs (this is their property right?) would be fined and/or jailed! So much for property rights and the rule of the law.

I've always known Indians to

I've always known Indians to take "positive thinking" to the next level.

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