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While the Eurocup raged on, sparking absurd amounts of car honking and/or window smashing in my neighborhood whenever Turkey wins, the Maldives won its first ever South Asian Football Federation Cup in Colombo on Saturday by beating India 1-0. The Maldives co-hosted the cup along with Sri Lanka.

The tournament set up was a bit wonky, as they say. This comment from January 2007 on Maldivesoccer Forum might sum it up best:

still there isnt a official website for saff championship 2007
so no official informatio on dates, stadiums etc.

i think saff games is the most uncertain the world

might get postponed in the last minute

It's held every two years, except this one was postponed last December until May this year, about enough time for 37.5% of the participating countries to have dramatic changes to their political regimes. The next, cup, though, is still scheduled for next year, which I guess makes sense. The website of the 2008 SAFF Championship, which is copyright the Football Association of the Maldives, doesn't have any scores after June 7th, or the news that the Maldives has won (it does have a nifty history section though). The coverage of SAFF seems also to operate parallel to and never intersecting with the coverage of bombings going on in Sri Lanka at the same time (except here).

So we conclude with a hearty congratulations to Maldivian football fans! As of last count, 67% of you said it was "the happiest day of your life" and another 27% said you were "in tears," which is, um, one way of establishing priorities.   But then Aishwarya Rai may have married two different trees, so why start analyzing now?


The only thing I ask is please don't honk your cars or smash any windows of rival ethnic groups in your neighborhoods. Honestly. Not cool.

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Any thoughts on what we can

Any thoughts on what we can do about that? My first emotion is to get angry at the elites in Sri Lanka and the Maldives for not caring, but that's probably not what's going on, particularly given exactly how difficult it is to manage a developing country and a sinking land mass is probably something they would do something about if they had the opportunity to. So then I start thinking that there are probably global demands against dealing with the issue or at least a global politics and culture (read: rich countries) that are preventing people from dealing with an issue that is eminently global.

Tough call between hosting it

Tough call between hosting it on an island that's sinking or an island that's... sinking...

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