Tidbit: Pakistan News Of The Week

There's been a lot reported on Pakistan this week, so here's a brief rundown:

As you've probably heard, Nawaz Sharif and tens of thousands of others are demonstrating against the government for failing to restore judges that Musharraf removed preceding/during emergency rule. Sharif has called for Musharraf to be hanged. This puts Sharif on one side, and Zardari (of PPP and the Bhutto family) and Musharraf on the other? Rumours are floating in Pakistan that Musharraf might be exiled to Turkey, another country where he owns property, but Musharraf denies it.

Pakistan's defence budget is now up to $4.4 billion per year. This is about 2.6% of Pakistan's GDP and 1/6 of India's defence budget, but I don't know how much of the military's presence in the civilian economy it includes (what Ayesha Siddiqa has called MILBUS).

U.S.-led forces killed at least 11 Pakistani soldiers a few days ago in a raid near the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. The U.S., predictably, says the raid was "legitimate." The Pakistani government says it was not. Previously, the new U.S. general in charge of NATO troops in Afghanistan had expressed doubt about both the ability of Pakistan to curb Taliban presence in the border area as well as the peace deal reached between the Pakistani government and local leaders. The drumbeats are sounding in the U.S. media too.

Feel free to provide more detail or context in the comments.

Peace (I hope).

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