Open Thread: Job Hunting Sucks

Feel free to share your job-related experiences below. Been treated like a secretary because you're a (South Asian) woman? Been forced to act like the $hit because you look young or are a person of color? Deprived of unions? Not paid for a year by a former employer? Not paid at all by peoplle you did a freelance job for? Told you can't wear a kurta to work!? Felt forced to be closeted?

It's the wonderful world of capitalism!!!!!!! May it all go down in a blaze of rice and oil prices! Workers of the world, you have nothing to lose but your health care!

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"It’s the wonderful world of

"It’s the wonderful world of capitalism!!!!!!!"

All of what you say above is definitely not characteristic of only capitalism, if any of my work experiences in Nepal are anything to go by.

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