Tidbit: Peace In Our Time?

The New York Times and Al Jazeera report that a pro-Taliban regional leader has reached an agreement with the new government of Pakistan to stop warfare in the border area with Afghanistan.

For background, here, kawaa's excellent series of posts from the time of Bhutto's assassination and on media coverage on "the jihad" based in Pakistan, and at Chapati Mystery, various posts.

Update: Bomb blast. So much for that?

Some details from The Times, which claims to have seen "a 15-point draft of the accord":

According to the draft document, the deal would be signed between the political administrator of South Waziristan and the tribal elders of the Mehsud tribes there.

It would require the Mehsud tribes to cease attacks and stop kidnapping military and government officials, to open all roads and to allow freedom of movement to the Frontier Corps, the local security force. They would also promise not to carry out terrorist acts in Pakistan, including the tribal regions, and not to assist others in attacks, or allow their territory to be used for antistate activity.

The draft requires the Mehsuds to respect state authority and resolve any problems through the local political administration, which would respect local customs and cooperate with tribal elders. It also requires the Mehsuds to assist the government in development plans for the region.

It also requires the Mehsud tribes to expel all foreign militants from their territory and deny them shelter in the future. The document says that the expulsion of foreign militants would begin within one month of the signing of the agreement, but a month’s extension could be granted for good reason.

There is no mention of ending cross-border attacks in Afghanistan.

In return, both sides would exchange prisoners and the government would withdraw regular army troops from Mehsud territory in a gradual, phased manner, the document says. The draft also states that the agreement should not be scrapped because of any external or internal pressure, a reference presumably to American or other pressure.

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This is fantastic! Finally

This is fantastic!

Finally we're seeing some movement and possibly even an end to this civil war in the North. Early days yet, but if the current government can pull this off, they'll have fulfilled their actual mandate, which was to stop this conflict that's tearing the country apart. The vast majority of Pakistanis are united on this.

All of this is at odds with American strategy, because America needs Fronts if the ridiculous rhetoric of the Global War on Terror is to sustain itself. The minute Pakistan owns the conflict in the North as essentially a local one caused by the actions of the Pakistani Army terrorising villages and claiming mre sovereignty than they have, then that Front dissolves, or stops becoming meaningful. Then 'the terrorists' win?

All this appeasement b*llsh*t needs to stop; it's not like Eastern Europe facing the Nazi jackboot, much as the ne-conservatives would love us to believe.

it’s not like Eastern Europe

it’s not like Eastern Europe facing the Nazi jackboot, much as the ne-conservatives would love us to believe.

Didn't you get the memo? [World War II/The Cold War] (pick one) will never end.

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