A Brief Interlude In Defense of Blog Snobbiness

I'm speaking for myself, here, not any of the other bloggers or anyone else. There is no secret cabal of blog decision-making going on here--just one dumb comment too many from the same goddamn people.

Recently, it seems we have had the pleasure of receiving a number of comments whose oversimplicity leaves the jaw dropping, allowing one to believe that they mask (poorly) either deeply offensive sentiments without a shred of regret or total idiocy and incoherence.  Sometimes both.

I'm sad that a lot of interesting people get pushed away on blogs by the loud insistent and stupid voices of a few (or many). So if you see a troll--be kind, don't let them take over the space.

Thank you for your time. Now please compare the origins of the secession of Bangladesh with the Civil War in Sri Lanka so that you can do my essay for me.

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Hear, hear! Unfortunately you

Hear, hear! Unfortunately you sometimes get drawn right in in spite of age, wisdom (arguing with fools etc) and knowing better.
Re Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka I can offer the spectacularly useless and unoriginal comment that there's nothing civil about war.

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