Minor Annoyances

I wanted to write a proper introduction of myself to this blogspace, but I find myself already needing to post something. I hope not to dwell on the random minutiae of discrimination on a daily basis in most of my writing here, but sometimes it just irks you, y'know?

I spent the afternoon at a packing party at my White friend's house in Fort Greene where I was hanging out a few other people--also mostly White--and an adorable dog. This was an environment in which Kal Ho Naa Ho's case was lying around and that, immigration detentions, Guantanamo Bay and other topics took up some of the afternoon's adda. Granted it wasn't perfect (how often are mostly White spaces?), but I was reasonably satisfied when I bid adieu and came home to my part of Breukelen.

Trading my street clothes for my jammies, I sat down to watch Family Guy (misogyny of the show duly noted). I switched over to Law and Order during the commercials and got drawn into the story about foster children committing murders. As it turns out, in one part of tonight's episode, they had some minor characters who were desis--as it turns out, so minor that they never even made it alive into the episode.

The detectives are trying to ascertain who among a list of names might be the owner of a huge house. One is reading them one by one and then he reads "Khan." The other stops him and says--"Indian" and then "wait." She pulls up a picture of a Ganesh statue and says, "We found this in the house."

Now, as far as I know, Khan is always a Muslim last name among South Asians. Moreover, as a result, it's not strictly Indian--most of the South Asian Khans I know are Pakistani or Bangladeshi. Obviously, the Hindu Ganesh icon is a total non-sequitor unless they're trying to paint the family as cosmopolitan--which doesn't exactly seem like the approach they took here ;) Rather, it seems like this episode is yet another reminder that there are many, many spaces in which we all just look the same.

Granted, as I said above, all this doesn't really amount to a hill of beans compared to communal violence in Gujarat, but sometimes you just want a put a band-aid on one of the 1,000 paper cuts.

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gah! you beat me to it! i

gah! you beat me to it! i totally watched that episode tonight and was shaking my head into my late-night plate of tiramisu. what the hell lead them to infer that a *jade* Ganesh would most certainly be at the "Indian boy" Khan's house? is new york really so devoid of any multiculturalism that they're unable to fact-check basic Temple-of-Doom type gaffes?
Sigh. It's like a Victorian novel case-cracker "I say, Whimplecrumpet, that chap's a darkie!" "A darkie you say?" "Yes! You know, an Oriental gent. The ancient Bundereshawarimpooranitikiki Monkey claw diamond must be hidden somewhere in his home!" "Oh of course! My, you *are* clever!"

Hehe. If I'm overreacting I blame my gorging on TV all day on stuff meant to rile the brown up - so far I've watched Goodness Gracious Me, Being Cyrus, Ali G and then this Law and Order episode with the jade Ganesh. It didn't stand a chance.

mmmm...tiramisu :)

mmmm...tiramisu :)

could you imagine have 1,000

could you imagine have 1,000 paper cuts at once. ow.

Saurav: We jousted a few


We jousted a few times at the Blog That Must Remain Nameless here (nothing over-the-top however). Interesting blog you (and your colleagues) have set up; I'll be sure to drop by whenever I'm in the mood for debate and argument.

Why no RSS feed though ? (or is it a prob. with my browser?).


Wilkommen. You should note

Wilkommen. You should note that it's MV that is the person who is most responsible for putting this together and getting us all signed up, not me.

I just talk :)

kumar - i was able to

kumar - i was able to bloglines it up with this: http://www.passtheroti.com/?feed=rss2

Leena: Thanks for the link.


Thanks for the link.


yuck. i rarely, if ever,

yuck. i rarely, if ever, watch tv, but i never fail to be offended when some tidbit comes my way.
On a mildly more positive note, I recently saw Inside Man with Denzel Washington and that infamous Sikh bank teller who tirades about how his rights are forever being violated. Really, it felt good.

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