Leave them kids alone!

Today's feel-good story was about "child prodigy" Buddhia Singh, the four-and-a-half year-old who ran 65 KILOMETRES IN 7.02 HOURS!

Flanked by cadets of the Central Reserve Police Force , the five-year-old Buddhia completed the distance from Puri Jagannath Temple to Bhubaneswar braving the hot and humid conditions. (link)

The run was, unfortunately, not a total success since the boy COLLAPSED with five km left out of his target of 70 km. Something to improve on for next time - Assuming there is a next time:

Orissa's state-run child welfare committee is probing allegations the coach is exploiting the child for personal gain.

Das has in turn won a court injunction against Orissa's child development minister, Pramila Mallick.

Budhia said he is happy to run and run. "During my (daily) ten-hour practise, I don't feel the pain; I enjoy it," he said. (link)


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