Help Pakistan's Internally Displaced Refugees

The Pakistan Army’s recent military incursion against the Taliban in the Malakand region has internally displaced about 1.8 million Pakistanis. The IDPs have fled to make-shift camps, some as far as Karachi, and are suffering from hunger-related health problems and mental trauma. The United Nations announced that this is the biggest movement of people in Pakistan since the partition of 1947.

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You can do your part to help organizations doing good work on the ground:

If I had to vouch personally for any one organization, it would be EDHI –Pakistan’s best-known humanitarian aid and charity group:

USA Edhi international Foundation.
42-07 National street
Corona, New York, 11368 USA
Tel: (718) 639-5120
Fax:(718) 335-1978
Toll Free: 1-888-899-EDHI (3344)

Wajiha provides a list of agencies operating in Pakistan to which you can donate.

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Welcome, Wajiha!  Thanks for

Welcome, Wajiha!  Thanks for posting this resource.  I am curious whether you (or others) can recommend any actions one can take that don't involve money.  This is not because I don't think providing assistance is important, but because I don't have a ton of money right now and would like to help beyond just writing, which I'm not doing much of anyway.  Are there action alerts or other steps that one can take to help?  

Pakistan is on a mission. It

Pakistan is on a mission. It will not be easy but the country seems determined. The Taliban must be removed in order for this nation to move into modern times. At least the modern times that Pakistan will be comfortable with.

Although some will disagree, it seems to be the best approach for the long term success of this country. Lives will be lost and civilians will be displaced which of course means suffering. But if they don't get a handle on it now the overall future will be much worse.

The Taliban is a terrorist organization... pure and simple. They murder women and children because their minds are warped. They cannot be the law of the land in any country. The leaders of Pakistan know this and now they fight for the future of their land.

The free world has an obligation to help these displaced Pakistani citizens while this battle for control wages. How long will this take? No one knows. But we can feed these people in their hour of need. Talk to friends, churches, organizations, and groups that want to get involved. There seems to be several agencies doing good work already that we can continue to support.

Let's do the work that God asked us to do. Now. casino en ligne

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