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Yo yo, queer peeps of colour in eastern Canada - here's something that landed in my mailbox:



Saturday, May 21st/06

Doors 6:30/Show 7:00pm

This event open to those who identify as queer people of colour only

558 Rue Thérien, off Notre Dame Metro St. Henri, Bus 191/36

* THINK AND KINK – a temporary community for sex-positive Q-poc to get hot and horny while thinking hard about race/class/sex/gender/sexuality
* 3 Porn Screenings – Please Don’t Stop, Crash Pad and Bootylicious, with discussions following
* PRIZES – for the hottest/most fabulous outfits
* THROB PARTY w DJS – join us till the break of dawn for beats, projections and booty shakin’

We regret that this event is not wheelchair accessible and not accessible to folks with cat allergies.

Sounds like a lot of fun - if any of our readers go - let us know how it went!

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there's a "Desi Q" conference

there's a "Desi Q" conference in june for those in or planning to be in cali: http://desiq.org/

leena, I tried sending you a

leena, I tried sending you a message through your xanga page, did you get it?

hey, hm nope i didnt -- you

hey, hm nope i didnt -- you can email me at lrkamat at gmail dot com.

never mind, i did get it and

never mind, i did get it and just replied - sorry!

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