Tidbit: Labor, Migration, and Corporations

Satyagraha by workers
Click on the pic for more info from New Orleans Center for Worker Justice about the bad-ass hunger-strikers / migrant laborers / post-Katrina rebuilders and read their petition to see whether you want to sign.  More later on this.

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Wow, I really can\'t believe

Wow, I really can\'t believe this shit. I\'d like to do more to help this group. Unbelievable.

call them up. it's possible

call them up. it's possible they need help with something or another, even long distance. or call someone doing similar work near where you live.

No need to pay for

No need to pay for translation as there are Telugu cultural associations in every state of the US and contacting them will bring any number of volunteers including many Telugu speaking lawyers.

The unstated hope & wish of all these unfortunate men as it is with many smuggled or otherwise illegally brought in to the US by unscrupulous parties from all over the world, is that the US government will save them from their own foolishness (paying dubious folks to somehow get them into the US) by waiving immigration regulations and simply giving them and their families green cards. They also know that once they get their unfortunate situation into the papers the INS would be forced to give them green cards. This is so well known all over the world that many folks from outside the US like these men know exactly what they are doing when they do not approach the US consular authorities but pay a dubious party to get them into the US. Once they are here all of a sudden they morph into total innocents whose plight must somehow be published in the NY or LA Times and once that's done its only a little more waiting to get a green card which they might otherwise never get.

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