India-Pakistan Train Blast, at Least 66 Dead

I'm worried that this investigation is going to be a mess, and that these innocent people's deaths are going to be used for political gain on both sides of the border, in terms of each country's domestic politics and their effects on Indo-Pak relations. Let's see what happens...

At least 66 people have reportedly died after blasts ripped through two bogies of the Samjhauta Express on Sunday night.

This is perhaps the first terror attack to target citizens of both countries, simultaneously.

According to reports, most victims are believed to be Pakistani.

Pakistani authorities are on their way to site after getting clearance from India's Ministry of External Affairs.

Government officials say at least two blasts took place on Sunday night at 11.54 pm (IST).

As a result of the blast, at about 1.50 am (IST) on Monday, two bogies of the train caught fire. This happened in Deewana near Panipat, just 100 km from New Delhi.

Relief and rescue operations are underway and forensic experts are surveying the spot.

Three IEDs, which were recovered from the scene, were kept in suitcases along with inflammable liquids. The live bombs were later defused by experts.

Reports quoting intelligence sources say the use of RDX was ruled out but militants from Pakistan are suspected to be behind the incident.

The train, which left the Old Delhi Railway Station on Sunday night at 10.40 pm (IST) was on its way to Atari on the Indian side of the Wagah border. The train later left to complete its journey to Lahore (NDTV).

A woman travelling in the train recounted that there was a sudden ball of fire in the train as it moved in its normal speed with most of the passengers asleep.

A Saharanpur resident, Zubaida, who was going to Karachi in Pakistan, said that around midnight there there was noise and shouts of fire from the passengers.

"Initially, I and other passengers failed to understand as to what had happened," she told PTI at the railway station in Ambala where the train made a special halt.

Zubaida, who was travelling in the three-tier sleeper bogie adjacent to the one which was burnt said, "after seeing outside I and other passengers found that the bogies behind ours were on fire" (The Hindu).

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no those windows can't be

no those windows can't be opened coz they are meant to stop people from jumping off or getting in. remember this is a train to pakistan and some of the people who travel between these countries are not very gentle folk.
and pray why would the Hindu right want to attack the train? there must a motive even in a conspiracy theory ? Was it that they fear peace with Pakistan ? was it that peace or a major deal was on the cards? Doesn't seem like from the look of things.

and on the contrary it seems one more attack in what is almost a weekly series on the pakistani establishment led by musharraf which is really now at the heart of insecurity in the region stretching from afghanistan, and even iran, down to the indian flank

I know that we thrive on

I know that we thrive on conspicacy theories so maybe I am falling into the same trap. Can someone tell me whether there is any chance that they deliberately targetted Panipat, site of Babur's victory and the beginning of the Moghul era? Maybe I am clutching at straws, but there is something that does not add up about this attack. We should at least be asking whether it was done by the Hindu right. And whether it was or not, can we please change those train windows to make it possible to open them from inside?

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