Drunk women deserve to get raped


Let’s see if we can figure this one out. Fairly simple ground for indignation (I’m providing… one minutt yaar) but has nice potential to reveal just how deep-seated patriarchal notions run (particularly the whole responsibility discussion that is sure to arise). It is also rather frightening to encounter these notions when they are held by allies who suddenly betray having a perversely gendered moral canvas so irritatingly naturalized and weaved into a hundred other socio-cultural minutia that you’re left wondering where in the world to begin the unpacking process.  So, here’s an older post I stumbled upon at Blank Noise Project’s website (dedicated to criminalizing street harassment/ ‘eve teasing’ in India) on whether “consent” while wasted is really consent at all. Yes, we are talking about rape (or not?). They referred to a case where a college student got so drunk that she didn’t realize she’d had sex in the corridor of her dorm. Upon realization that the security guard she was sent home with for safety purposes actually raped her, she filed charges. Rapist got away though because a lazy prosecution and a slimy defense damned her for being unable to recollect whether she consented to sex or not. Blank Noise threw it out there as something to think about and*(@^#!, priceless discussion. The fury and rage provoked by some of the comments to the Blank Noise post are simmering as I type this. Some choice selections:


“I agree with the statement, "Drunken consent is still consent". I think it was extremely irresponsible of the girl to not take care when we read about predators every day! And what is the proof that she didnt really consent. By being irresponsible enough to get so drunk as to lose sense of everything around her, I think she just lost her credibility.Also, from the comment above, it seems as if she expects the people at the party (her friends or whoever) to take her responsibility when she was clearly not in a state to do so....I mean, why in the world should anyone else care when she herself doesnt care?????”

 That, from a woman too (tearing hair out tearing hair out). Come, let’s all arbitrarily decide whose welfare should be prioritized. 


“…..Its an established fact that inhibitions go down after drinking. They call alcohol as panty remover. Adding a clause which likens sex while drunk to rape would open a flood gate of frivolous charges…..”

 Are you fucking kidding me?! Aside from the crass synonym for alcohol that genius quoted here decided to share, what do we make of the last line? 


“…So, does that mean, if a girl is drunk, she is consenting to sex? Does being drunk equate with consent towards sex? And if a person is not in a state to say 'yes' or 'no', and another person takes adavntage of her, does that mean a 'consent'? In truth, there is nothing like 'drunken consent', the term is ridiculous…”

Ok. Progress made.


“We are not living in the wild wild west. Drinking by a woman ( that too outdoors) is social anti-thesis. The lady is responsible for her predicament. Knowing that Man is a tail-less monkey, and knowing Darwin's thoery of evolution ( man descended from monkeys) - to provoke a monkey and crying "foul" is foolishness of the highest order. My only regret is - why I never came across such a woman IN MY LIFE !! Well, life is not always fair, buddy !!”

And WTF??!!?!? CreepyUncleji, women who drink outdoors (outside of the inner sanctum of domesticity and the household) are probably running in the opposite direction, far far away from you and your monkey mates. P.s. I'm also superrrglad I had a drink in hand (don't worry, INdoors so not that transgressive!) as I read your asinine two cents.

“…if both parties are drunk, it's their business. But if the man was sober and conscious of the fact she was drunk, i think it was morally abhorrent that he made a pass at her, and took advantage of her situation. And yeah, the 'irresponsible" argument i think, is completely redundant as what is 'responsible' is 1) subjective to socio-cultural values of a person, 2) it's not a facotr that makes any kind of sexual assault more acceptable, or less abhorrent.”


“…man, all the time they like it when theyre drunk and laid (it goes for the male sex too) but when it's over, then the guilt sets in (it's a conservative society after all and anyway people get drunk and laid because they are trying not to face too much reality and like to get in some pleasure edgeways) ..and then the anger and then of course why not slap a suit on to the guy whose attention you enjoyed drunkenly? Poor soul,this woman! The worst kind of woman is this kind who turns her own weakness into an accusatory weapon against men!!!…”

And we’re back - to the worst kind of man.


I’ve had it up to here with patriarchy.





Also. Hi. I’m one of the lazy members of this site that never posts. I don’t do grammar. But but but ... I do run-on sentences. Lots of em. Enjoy.


I also have a lame name that I have to change. Working on it.

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ya ya. first to comment on

ya ya. first to comment on first post. I just wanted to apologize to ptr people for not realizing how long this post would appear on the website.

nice to hear your voice, one

nice to hear your voice, one whose name will soon change!

So maybe they should go find

So maybe they should go find cadavers instead.

Alcohol in about 60% of

Alcohol in about 60% of females will shuts down her estrogen and turns on testosterone. Therefore becoming aggressive and the opposite occur in most males. Therefore women become more susceptible to sexual assault. A man who would screw a drunk pass out woman is really hard up they would probably have sex with a cadaver.

Rape is a terrible thing, but

Rape is a terrible thing, but more and more evidence is PROVING that a LOT of women not only exaggerate about their experiences, but flat-out LIE about being raped. This is America, where women and minorities rule, after all.

Rape is a terrible thing, but

Rape is a terrible thing, but more and more evidence is PROVING that a LOT of women not only exaggerate about their experiences, but flat-out LIE about being raped.

Honestly, why would you say or believe something like that?

This is why I promote ganja

This is why I promote ganja smoking over alcohol, it's safer in so many ways.

I'm on a jury. A says she

I'm on a jury. A says she thinks B raped her, but says he/she can't remember if she/he gave consent or not. How do I convict B of rape if the alleged victim cannot tell me the sex was non-consensual? I would find it much easier to convict B of sexual misconduct. Especially if B was an employee of the college charged with the responsibility of getting A home safely.

I think the charge of rape should be reserved for cases where it can be proved, to the jury's satisfaction, that the sex was not consensual. I would be in favor of expanding the definition of sexual misconduct to include cases where the sex was consensual, but one of the partners (not both, one) was judgment impaired. If A is drunk and B is sober, B should have an obligation to recognize that A's judgment is impaired and is not capable of giving consent. The important thing, though, is that even though A's judgment is impaired, A still gave consent. If A is passed out drunk, or so drunk as to be unable to resist, then it is not sexual misconduct, it is rape.

Having been a boyfriend to a

Having been a boyfriend to a young lady who was date raped, I now see the real damage that occurs after the attack. I hate when people say that because she drank she deserved it, if they are the ones who had been taken advantage of I have no doubt they would still sing the same tune. The after effects are different for every victim, in my case she would wake up crying, cry during the normal hours of the day, and even sometimes if they lights were out I would be mistaken for him. She would freak out and push me away, cry, and then feel guilty. No man, women, or child deserves to get raped. These people who rape women are not doing it for love or even for sex, they are doing it for power. They want to feel in control, usually they want to feel more manly. No one can justify rape. Please if you ever read this, for whatever reason, know that if you take advantage of a girl or boy, drunk or stoned or naive(child are) then please remember how it will affect them, forever.

[comment deleted -

[comment deleted - Moderator]

The above is a desi male

The above is a desi male troll posing as a female. I'm surprised he didn't call himself "Priya". Delete that comment for the sake of WOMANKIND please!

Rape is the most horrendous

Rape is the most horrendous thing that could ever happen to a woman. Being myself a woman, I cant even imagine what would that mean and how much pain she has to go through. I think sex with drunk woman (and not in her senses obviously) when the guy is still in his senses( with an obvious motive to rape her) should be convicted of felony. And for God's sake why dont men take responsibility of their dreadful acts and not pass it on to woman stating they were drunk and agreed or incited them. No woman in this world would like to get raped. So guys pls get your basics straight..

Well, if a woman consents to

Well, if a woman consents to sex( drunk or sober,over 18 or under 18) it's not rape. It doesn't make taking advantage of a drunk woman or under aged woman right. However if we start convicting people for moral short Cummings, about 90% of America would be in prison. What I don't get. Society looks down on, and seems to justify putting a man in prison for the remainder of his life, for having sex with a drunk woman, and the statutory rape thing, PLEASE! On the other hand, American society idolizes a man who lies to a girl, makes her think she's special, and that he loves her, just to get in her pants. No one would convict a man for taking advantage of a girl by playing on her emotions. How is that any different that taking advantage of a drunk girl? What makes 18 the magic number? So, it's ok to take advantage of an 18 year old girl, but not a 16 or 17 year old. Do people really believe that 16 or 17 year old girls are unable to consent to sex, yet when the girl becomes 18 she magically matures and is capable of making such decisions responsibility?  I know 16 year olds who look and act like their 25 and 18 year olds who look and act like their 12! Unfortunently most reported rape cases like the one described above , are simply an excuse for a woman to put the blame on someone else instead of taking responsibility for themselves.

Having said that, most REAL rape cases go unreported. I have personally known several women who have been violently raped by people they know and trust and even by some dirty pig cop! I know the emotional effects that this had on them! Unfortunently, because of the way society judges and thinks, most victims of rape are both to afraid and ashamed to confront their assailants. Below is a very good example of what this country has come to.

A very good friend of mine, she was a waitress at a night club, was getting robbed by the Miami Dade police. It seems to be a typical issue in Miami. She decided to report it to internal affairs. The next night, 5 cops kidnapped her and took turns beating and raping her. She called me at 3 AM and I came to get her. I immediately took her to the hospital and insisted on a rape kit. The next afternoon, I took her to the local FBI because I didn't want the police to handle it, for obvious reasons. The FBI immediately turned it over to the local authorities!! She had all the evidence needed to convict and get these dirty cops off the street! Of course, the case was dismissed. She then hired an attorney to try and push the charges through. A week later, she was pulled over and arrested for possession of drugs. She would never do drugs! She called me to bail her out. Upon getting the bail bond set up, I found out that she had an accident in prison and died in the hospital!  I can't go into detail, but the pigs responsible for her rape and murder did not go unpunished! Nobody is untouchable!

wth is wrong with these sick

wth is wrong with these sick countries! There women have no rights. The guy was supposed to get her home safly. Even if the women was sober, would having sex with her be getting her home safely? That guard is a sick pig. and if the girl can't even remember wth went on, he obv. raped her. it doesn't matter if she was irresponsible in drinking, thats not the point. If someones drunk, that doesnt give you the right to rape them. Thats disgusting, i cant believe things like that are going on! stop defending men for every wrong they do, while blaming the women for everything!

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