The Other Hindu Bomb?

On April 6, two Bajrang Dal activists were killed and three others injured in Nanded, Maharashtra when a bomb they were making exploded.

“Bajrang Dal activists were actually making a bomb before one exploded in an activist’s house,” said a senior police officer...

“The blast was very powerful and only the concrete structure survived. Everything else in the house was destroyed. Both the bombs were powerful devices. The recovery of the second bomb and other preliminary investigations clearly show that people assembled in the house were preparing the bomb when the first one went off. We will know more about it only after we speak to the injured people,” said a police official (The Telegraph).

The People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) sent a fact-finding team which produced a report on May 3.

The police after the initial revelation is now keeping mum over the incident & have not revealed much even to the local press. They have instructed the press not to write much about the incident since that would affect the course of police investigation. This is perhaps the reason why practically nothing has appeared in the local newspapers after the first two days of the incident. No local paper has yet written editorial comments upon it. The local BJP MP Mr D.B Patil has given warning to the police not to harass activists of Sangh Parivar over the incident. Local Shiv Sena MLA Anusuatai Khedekar has also issued a similar warning. Bivagiya Sanghachalak Shamrao Jagirdar released a press statement saying that the young men engaged in the bomb making activity at Rajkondewar's house were not connected with RSS. RSS does not believe in such activities & violence is against the ideology of RSS. He also assured the police of all assistance & co-operation but at the same time issued a warning against any atrocities on RSS activists during investigation.

State Bajrangdal chief Shankar Gaikwad said, "My local functionaries have told me that it was not a bomb explosion at all. Some crackers caught fire and resulted in the death of two and serious injuries to some others. But none of the dead was from the Bajrang Dal. State BJP spokesperson Vinod Tawde said: "We have heard nothing from the police so far. In any case, what does the Bajrang Dal's involvement in this, if at all, have to do with us? We are an independent political party with an independent political agenda..."

This report remains inconclusive due to lack of availability of authentic information from the official sources, although there exist strong indications that deep communal conspiracies were being hatched by the Hindutwavadi forces in the city of Nanded. Implementation of these conspiracies have been temporarily aborted due to the accidental blast of a bomb while in the process of making, at the house of a prominent RSS activist of the city (PUCL).

I don't know enough about the region to even speculate about what the Bajrang Dal might want to do with a bomb, but it reminded me of something Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray (whose stronghold is Maharashtra) said at a rally a few years ago:

"Now you should also develop suicide squads. Hindus should also learn how to sacrifice themselves. Nothing is gained simply by getting angry and shouting slogans. My Marathas have the courage to fight" (Outlook).

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