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Date: 22 Mar 2009

Chief Justice, Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary has taken charge of his office here after mid night.

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Date: 22 Mar 2009

"This is a home brewed macro economic crisis," Razeen Sally from the London School of Economics, said in Colombo.

"It is not a result of global forces for the most part..."

Sri Lanka has gone to the IMF several times either for bailouts or for comprehensive reforms to put the island on a higher growth path, some of which were abandoned in mid-program.

"There is always a ritual dance at work with these aid conditionality packages. The lending organizations are in the business of shoving money out of the door," observes Sally.

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Date: 21 Mar 2009

“My hope,” said the United States ambassador, Robert O. Blake, “is that with the end of fighting the president will really reach out to the Tamil and Muslim communities and give his vision of a united Sri Lanka that will include a measure of dignity and respect and a level of autonomy for them in the geographic areas in which they predominate across the country.”

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Date: 21 Mar 2009

The movement for the restoration of the judiciary makes Pakistani civil society proud of its achievement. It is awesome how ordinary professionals struggled for two years to ensure that a civilian and military dictatorship did not obstruct the move for the independence of the judiciary.

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Date: 19 Mar 2009

While war rages in north-eastern Sri Lanka, aid agencies say that the outside world is still largely ignorant of the miserable conditions endured by civilians caught up in fighting between the security forces and Tamil Tiger rebels.

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Date: 20 Mar 2009

If anybody supports the LTTE then NSA will be invoked. Now I say that I will support the LTTE. You can arrest all of us under the NSA. Then all prisons will be full of cadres, and the entire Tamil Nadu will convert into a prison, he added.

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Date: 19 Mar 2009

Mr. Nadesapillai said the suspicions were the result of a police mistake. He said on the night of the rebel air raid, a friend was scheduled to arrive from France. When the Colombo airport closed due to the attack, Vithyatharan had called Paris to find out where the friend's flight had been diverted.

Police listening in on Vithyatharan's phone misread the discussion and suspected he was helping the rebel planes, he said. "They thought that they were talking in code words," Mr. Nadesapillai said.

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Date: 21 Mar 2009

Pakistan's Supreme Court chief justice retired Saturday, opening the way for the restoration of a judge ousted by former military ruler Pervez Musharraf and championed by opponents of the current pro-Western government.

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Date: 21 Mar 2009

Not surprisingly, when lawyers and ordinary citizens took to the streets in 2007, there was mostly collective silence from Pakistan's key Western allies. Former President George W. Bush went so far as to describe Musharraf as "a solid friend" who deserved the United States' continued support. Although the U.S. spoke of spreading democracy to the Muslim world, it did nothing publicly to help this most democratic of peoples' movements.

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Date: 20 Mar 2009

Strongly condemning the death of an aid worker with a non-governmental organization CARE in the "no-fire" zone in Sri Lanka's strife-torn north, the United Nations has said this gives an insight into larger circumstances confronting civilians trapped by the fighting in the conflict zone.

R Sabesan, a national staff member with CARE, died of injuries sustained as a result of shelling inside the zone, compounded by a lack of sufficient medical care, the UN said.

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Date: 20 Mar 2009

In the past four years, the Indian government has invested heavily in programs aimed at boosting rural income, which grew at 4 percent annually, according to government reports. Government prices for rice and wheat have jumped nearly 65 percent over that period; about $38 billion has been pumped into rural development programs and more than $9 billion into building rural roads.

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Date: 20 Mar 2009

The visit this week to New Delhi of Leon Panetta, the Obama administration’s new CIA Director, marks a significant uptick in cooperation between US and India aimed at containing a collapsing Pakistan, with its dangerous mix of exporting terrorism and nuclear proliferation, according to sources.

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Date: 20 Mar 2009

"Australia again calls on the Sri Lankan government to put forward credible political reforms to engage Tamils and other minorities without delay," [Australian Foreign Minister Stephen] Smith said.

"A political solution that meets the legitimate aspirations of all Sri Lankans is essential for the long-term security and prosperity of Sri Lanka."

The minister said arrangements must be put in place urgently to allow the safe passage of civilians from the shrinking war zone, where government forces are leading their biggest ever offensive against the Tigers.

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Date: 20 Mar 2009

The Chief Minister who was speaking to reporters in Trincomalee on Thursday said that the TMVP has already handed over the child soldiers to their parents and relatives. "The UNICEF still accuses TMVP party saying that we still continue with recruitment. They even given us a list of 100 child soldiers recruited in the party. We have been streamlined into democracy recently, we have a duty to respond to such allegations and work in collaboration to sort it out for betterment of the public," the Chief Minister said.

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Date: 20 Mar 2009

Of these 79 fishermen, 78 have been imprisoned in India while one is in the custody of Maldives, he said on Thursday. Steps have already been taken to get these fishermen released and requests have been submitted in this regard through diplomatic channels to mediate with India and Maldives by the Foreign Ministry, Mr. Perera told Parliament while responding to a question by lawmaker Jinadasa Kitulagoda. "The Government's intention is to get these fishermen freed as soon as possible," he said.

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Date: 20 Mar 2009

In order to forge an Afghan force that would wage this war, the United States needed camps in Pakistan. Pakistan was ruled by General Zia al-Huq, who had proclaimed two transcendent goals: imposing a "true Islamic order" in his country and building a nuclear bomb. He had also just hanged the elected leader he deposed, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. This was the man the United States would have to embrace if it wanted Pakistan to support the anti-Soviet rebellion it hoped to foment in Afghanistan. It eagerly did so.

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Date: 19 Mar 2009

An Indian court has ordered media not to broadcast certain material related to the Mumbai attacks, saying it may jeopardise next week's trial.

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Date: 18 Mar 2009

Last week, Indian politics saw the attempt to create an anti-Congress and anti-BJP Third Front for the upcoming elections. Ten regional and leftist parties huddled near the southern city of Bangalore to discuss alliances, policy directives and possibly the prime minister's post.

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Date: 18 Mar 2009

The following are excerpts from speeches that Varun Gandhi is shown as delivering in at least two locations earlier this month in Pilibhit, from where he is contesting as the BJP candidate. The speeches figure in a video recording viewed by The Indian Express. On the directions of the Election Commission, the police today registered a criminal case against Gandhi.

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Date: 13 Mar 2009

The U.N. high commissioner for human rights on Thursday warned both sides in Sri Lanka's 25-year civil war may have committed war crimes and that the loss of life could be catastrophic if there is no pause in the combat.

Here are some questions and answers about civilians trapped in the war:


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Date: 9 Mar 2009

Bangladesh blocked access to the video-sharing site YouTube after it hosted a recording of a tense meeting between the prime minister and army officials following a bloody mutiny by border guards, officials said Monday.

The insurrection last month claimed more than 70 lives, shook the two-month-old government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and raised tensions with the powerful military, which opposed her handling of the incident.

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Date: 4 Mar 2009

ISLAMABAD: The ruling Pakistan Peoples Party is all set to emerge as the single largest party in the Upper House with the completion of the crucial process of Senate elections today (Wednesday).

All the candidates from Sindh and Punjab (11 from each province), seven general seats from NWFP and one general seat from Islamabad have already been elected un-opposed as a result of a political understanding reached between various political parties.

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Date: 2 Mar 2009

Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari has issued a decree to establish mobile courts that can adjudicate on minor offences on the spot, officials say.

The purpose of the courts is to deliver quick justice "at the doorstep" in remote areas, they say.

Opposition parties fear the courts will be used to target their activists.

The decree comes as protests are planned by a number of opposition groups and legal circles over the next few weeks.

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Date: 3 Mar 2009

Bangladesh expatriates sent home a record $6.148 billion in remittances during the first eight months of the current fiscal year, marking a 27.01 percent growth over the same period of the last fiscal year.

"The flow of remittances is still at a satisfactory level," a senior official of the Bangladesh Bank (BB), the country's central bank, told AHN Media in Dhaka on Tuesday.

The BB official also said that the total amount of remittances dropped slightly in February over that of the previous month due mainly to fewer working days.

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Date: 4 Mar 2009

India has airlifted "elements'' of its para-brigade based in Agra to Kalaikunda in West Bengal to deal with any contingency which
arises due to the internal turmoil in Bangladesh.

Sources said over a battalion strength (over 1,000 soldiers) of the 50 Independent Parachute Brigade was moved on Sunday from Agra to Kalaikunda, which has a large IAF base.

"Depending on the situation, more could follow. With Bangladesh army progressively taking over from the paramilitary BDR in posts along the Indo-Bangladesh border, it's a precautionary move,'' said a source.

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