Wood and dung fires feed Asia's brown cloud

Article Date: 
22 Jan 2009

LONDON (Reuters) - Wood and dung burned for home heating and cooking makes up most of a huge brown cloud of pollution that hangs over South Asia and the Indian Ocean during the winter months, researchers said on Thursday.
The study in the journal Science* solves the mystery of what makes up the soot in the brown haze linked to hundreds of thousands of deaths -- mainly from lung and heart disease -- each year in the region, they said.
(Editing by Katie Nguyen)
*Örjan Gustafsson, Martin Kruså, Zdenek Zencak, Rebecca J. Sheesley, Lennart Granat, Erik Engström, P. S. Praveen, P. S. P. Rao, Caroline Leck, and Henning Rodhe. "Brown Clouds over South Asia: Biomass or Fossil Fuel Combustion?"  Science 23 January 2009 323: 495-498 [DOI: 10.1126/science.1164857]