Thousands flee life made 'worse than hell' by violence in Pakistan

Article Date: 
25 May 2009

Young and old, poor and prosperous, sick and healthy -- residents of Pakistan's Swat Valley continue to flee the violence that has erupted there as the military clashes with the Taliban.

Those who have fled tell of the whole valley being turned into a battlefield as citizens run away, many of them with no shoes and some elderly. They fall ill from sun and heat exposure -- particularly infants and those already weak and sick -- as they flee.

According to the most recent United Nations numbers, about 2.4 million Pakistanis have registered as displaced persons since May 2. Currently, the clashes are concentrated near Mingora, the valley's largest city.

But fighting in the valley over the past three years has made people's lives "worse than hell," one former resident told CNN.

Article Author: 
Ingrid Formanek and Zeeshan Ali
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