Ethnic Tamils in Malaysia protest against Sri Lankan Govt.

Article Date: 
24 May 2009

Hundreds of ethnic Tamil Malaysians, including MPs, gathered at the Batu Caves Hindu temple to protest against the Sri Lankan Government's "war against Tamils" there.

The rally, organised by the World Tamil Relief and several NGOs, condemned the thousands of Tamils lives lost in the war in northern Sri Lanka.

Deputy Federal Territories Minister M Saravanan said the rally was not in support of any militant group but to show concern for the loss of lives of innocent Tamil civilians.

"We urge the international community, including Malaysia, not to support the actions of the Sri Lankan government and help the Tamil community there to live peacefully," he said. The gathering ended peacefully after three hours.

On Saturday, the chief of Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) Samy Vellu said Malaysia should not support a draft resolution tabled by Sri Lanka at the UN calling for member nations not to interfere in the internal affairs of the island nation.

"Tamils in Malaysia constitute 1.4 million of the 1.8 million Indians in the country. As such, their feelings have to be respected," Mr. Vellu said.

Article Source: 
Press Trust of India