Maoist lock, Nepali key

Article Date: 
5 May 2009

After two days of constitutional and political crisis, the politics of Nepal took another twist when prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ("Prachanda') announced on the afternoon of 4 May 2009 that he would resign from leadership of the government. Towards the end of a fourteen-minute speech full of tirades against political opponents and pot-shots directed at New Delhi, Dahal suddenly announced that he was leaving his post.

This resignation is a welcome harbinger of the democratisation of Nepal's Maoists, who have chosen the parliamentary practice of resigning from government when the position becomes untenable. The alternatives, as proposed by various Maoist leaders during the twenty-four hours prior to the prime minister's speech, would have engulfed the country in agitations and challenged the constitutional president, Ram Baran Yadav. That may still happen, if the Maoists' intent is to create anarchy and a campaign against the president from the streets.

Article Author: 
Kanak Mani Dixit
Article Source: 
Himal Magazine via Open Democracy