Unhealthy Civil Act: Business cries foul over public defecation

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14 Apr 2009

Upon learning there were complaints of people defecating in the World Exchange Plaza's parking garage over the weekend, a spokesman for the Tamil protesters on Wellington St. went on a speaker yesterday and reminded demonstrators to respect local businesses.

It's not known exactly who was defecating in the garage, or if it was a protester, but a plaza employee said it's not common.

"It's not against any rules but it's breaking a moral code," said the employee, who didn't want to be identified.

He also said protesters were sleeping in their cars in the garage.

Other garages in the immediate area said they've had no problems.

The protest has created some problems for businesses in the area.

A sign at the Tim Hortons at Metcalfe and Sparks streets yesterday advised customers the washrooms were out of order.

Meanwhile, the protest carried on through its seventh day on Wellington St. in the shadow of Parliament Hill.

Paramedics were called to check on one of the five people on a hunger strike shortly before noon after he complained of stomach pains.

Julius James, 34, was in obvious pain but stable, according to Dr. Ramanathan Lambotharan, a family physician from Toronto who was monitoring the five strikers yesterday. Tamil doctors have been on a volunteer rotation.

Lambotharan said the five protesters aren't in good shape but are able to make their own decisions as the strike continues.

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Ottawa Sun