India is 'fast becoming like Pak': CPI(M)

Article Date: 
20 Mar 2009

Home Minister P Chidambaram's meeting with CIA chief Leon Panetta showed that India was "fast becoming like Pakistan" and signalled a "new status" of the American intelligence agency in the country, the CPI(M) alleged today.
Yesterday's meeting "marks a new stage in Indo-US collaboration. This is the first time that an American CIA chief has been accorded a meeting with the Union Home Minister in India. Apart from meeting his intelligence counterparts in India, the CIA Chief has been received at the political level, signalling the new status of the CIA in India," the party Politburo claimed in a statement here.

Noting that the CIA was "notorious for its interventions in the political affairs of various countries including destabilising governments considered inimical to US interests", the party said it was "a pointer of how things have changed under the Manmohan Singh government".

Article Source: 
Press Trust of India