Bangladesh 'takes back' Rohingyas

Article Date: 
2 Mar 2009

Bangladesh has taken back 49 boatpeople allegedly pushed back into the sea by Thai authorities and rescued by Indian coastguards two months ago.

A senior Bangladeshi diplomat told the BBC that the Rohingyas were on their way to Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh.

Hundreds of migrants were rescued by Indian and Indonesian coastguards. Thai authorities deny mistreatment.

Bangladesh was given a list of 67 Rohingyas by Indian authorities. Dhaka said 49 were its citizens.

"These are our nationals and we are taking them back. They have already been received at the border by our officials," said Monimul Haque, first secretary at the Bangladesh High Commission in Calcutta.

Article Author: 
Subir Bhaumik
Article Source: 
BBC News